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All the sidstand switch does is break the circuit if the sidestand is not up. There should be two wires attached to the sidestand switch. Just jump them or tie them together. That will bypass the switch and at least let you verify that the switch is the problem. I would only consider it a temporary fix, though. Best to not leave it permanantly ... To put an R1 engine in a car I just left the switch tucked in a safe place and put a ziptie around the plunger so it could never go to the "closed" position as if the kickstand had been put down. If you're taking the stand off the bike, just leave the switch on it and don't worry about it. .

LG Electronics announced that it has partnered with McAfee to bring an anti-theft feature to the new LG G3 phones. The mobile devices will now be pre-installed with the latest version of the McAfee Mobile Security, which includes a Kill Switch function so that you can erase data and disable the phones when it has fallen into the wrong hands. The bike only engages the kickstand's "kill switch"... when the the kickstand is down, bike is in gear, and the clutch released. So, there's no need to disable the safety feature on the kickstand. You can start it up and leave it running on it's kickstand with no problems at all. Does anyone have a way to disable the kickstand kill switch. My stand keeps moving willl riding and it is shutting down the bike. This is not a great thing when you are going 70 down the E way.

Kill switches are designed to quickly disable an engine by interrupting current flow. When hooking a kill switch up on a boat, the switch should be designed to automatically shut the down engine in an emergency. A popular kill switch for marine applications has a "key" with two contact points that completes ...

This would mean that to disable it you would hotwire the leads on it, or jumper the switch. A multimeter and a couple of presses on it would tell you which leads. For safety sake, however, I have to agree with everyone else, don't bypass the switch, figure out how to kick the kickstand up. Some bungee cord would probably work great. Getting the bike ready for the track,and want to bypass/remove the switch.I was still going to ride on the street once in awhile still.I did this on my 2012 zx6,just shorted out the wire.I was watching a youtube vid were the guy from STT just cut and soldered the the wires together,then shrink wrapped them.I traced the wire and instead of going under the tank,goes up the left side of the bike ... Kawasaki Side Stand Switch Bypass / Kickstand Eliminator ER6 ZX6 ZX10 ZX12 ZX14. ... 2 Pin Male Ignition Cutoff Kill Switch 50cc 110cc 125cc PIT Quad Dirt Bike ATV.

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  • Jul 23, 2012 · I recently started having problems with my 150cc GY6 scooter starting, i narrowed it down to an electrical problem, then realized the side stand kill switch was loose, i tried tightening it, and then noticed that the housing was cracked so i decided to remove it and bypass this feature.
  • Locate the safety switch near the negative post of the battery. Look for a plastic harness with wires. ... "How to Bypass the Back-Up Safety on a Riding Mower." Home Guides ...
  • - Attempted theft on it cut the ignition wires and put a couple of them together. Each wire has been reconnected to its correct place and the bike starts up just fine. - NO, THE KICKSTAND IS NOT DOWN. - ATTEMPTED TO BYPASS KICKSTAND SWITCH TO NO AVAIL. I tried a jumper on the kickstand switch plug to create a circuit.
  • Bike only starts in neutral and I am trying to trouble shoot to correctly bypass the clutch switch. My harness has been cut down, the kickstand relay is correct and the clutch switch is completely removed along with the main switch connector because I have a motion pro switch. Question is.
  • I know this is true for newer triumphs. Can't speak to the older ones. The manual states not to use the kill switch to turn off the bike. The ECU goes through a shut down procedure when you stop your bike with the kick stand or key. When you use the kill switch it's a hard abort.

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