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Or people who have some planet in Libra--like the ruler of the Ascendant sign, the Moon, Venus, Sun or Mars. These people tend to be charismatic, with well-shaped lips and noses, sometimes heart-shaped or oval faces graceful in manner and appearance. Based on your different signs I will give you a race, Class, Sub Class , Character background and personality traits! if you have any questions on what this would mean just ask me! .

Zodiac Boy Rising Sign Appearance/Characteristics: Libra. Libra Rising boys have two faces: a serious and a silly face. They usually tend to be all smiles because they typically have a calm demeanor. But you have to do a lot for them to get really angry. Libra Risings almost always have dimples in their cheeks.

Venus in the First House: usually gives you the traits of the sign of Libra, and to a lesser extent, Taurus. The Libra side is artistic and charming but this position makes it more difficult to take action alone. The Taurus side is more self indulgent. I’m a Libra man who recently reconnected on Facebook with an old high school flame, a Taurus, from years ago. These comments are unbelievable, they describe us exactly. It’s funny, though, because most Libra Man/Taurus Woman compatibility readings describe it as only an average match. This has not been my experience. But there’s an issue.

Libra moon sign individuals often search for that one person who not only “completes them,” but also someone whose qualities and characteristics balance their own. Conversely, although the Libra moon sign is always seeking interpersonal harmony, their scales can be tipped off balance by argument or conflict between different parties.

I see that you have received an answer that offered good, solid, text book style definitions of those three traits. Perhaps you found his explanation of value.

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  • Nov 09, 2018 · Enjoying the finest things in life, the Libra Ascendant woman will have the best wines and the most exotic condiments at home. It’s impossible to get bored with her because she wants to go out and to socialize more than other women. The Libra Ascendant woman in love. With a Libra Ascendant, it means this woman has the Descendant in Aries.
  • Find Out All About Your ASCENDANT or Rising Sign. Find out More about The MASK or Face That You Present to the World which Reveals a DEEPER Level to Your Personality.
  • Your Rising Sign, otherwise known as your Ascendant, is the Zodiac Sign that was “rising” on the eastern horizon at the exact moment you were born. It is the precise term for the cusp of the first house of your chart. So, it is the line between your 12th House and the 1st House. That is the ascendant.
  • Scorpio Sun, Capricorn moon, Libra Venus, Aries Rising for Anon! Sorry for the wait! School have been hard, but better late than never right?
  • Nov 24, 2016 · Generally not. One way to think of the differences between sun and rising signs is that the sun sign will be the natural personality of the person, whereas the rising sign will be more like how the person consciously thinks and acts on the surface...

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